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Cheetah XI
When smoke and fire threaten assets critical to the successful operation of your business...accurate, detailed information and quick reaction time are crucial. The Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Suppression System, Fike's revolutionary advancement in safety and fire protection, is a digital, peer-to-peer, bi-directional communication system designed to respond in as little as one quarter second!

In addition, the Cheetah Xi intelligent fire suppression system turns every detection and control device into a peer which can communicate with the detection control panel...and with each other! Each device is also capable of generating accurate and highly detailed information, making the Cheetah Xi not only one of the fastest fire suppression systems, but the most versatile The Cheetah Xi fire detection system, featuring the Eclipse protocol from System Sensor, is the right choice for your next installation of Fire Alarm, Clean Agent Fire Suppression, Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression, Watermist systems, Sprinklers and Sprinkler/Pre-action fire detection and control.

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When high value assets, equipment or irreplaceable items are at stake, early warning of a smoke or fire problem, is essential. Our air sampling or air monitoring equipment actively pulls in room air to a special chamber where it can detect the presence of particles that are created in the very early stages of combustion, even before smoke is visible. That provides for the most important element necessary to minimize smoke damage or prevent fire loss - TIME. Fike partners with Vesda to provide the industry's most trusted line of products for air sampling early warning systems.

The LaserPLUS detector provides a highly sensitive, highly reliable form of aspirating or air monitoring detection. It detects fire at the earliest possible stage and reliably measures very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke. The Cheetah fire suppression control panel can be configured to communicate directly with one or more LaserPLUS detectors via a bi-directional, fully supervised communication with a High Level Interface (HLI). This configuration provides an integrated approach to system operation by providing each LaserPLUS air sampling detector the same functionality as a Cheetah photo, ion, or heat detector. And the LaserPLUS detector is UL, FM, and ULC Approved.

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The SHP-PRO Fire Detection and Fire Protection System Fike SHP-PRO is THE reliable, conventional fire suppression system. This microprocessor-based fire detection system can be easily configured for use within a wide range of industries and fire suppression applications.

In addition to several new application possibilities, the SHP-PRO fire detection system features several key improvements to the original SHP, including the addition of release disabled & ground fault LED's, one additional input circuit, an optional Class A output module and MORE POWER! The SHP-PRO fire suppression system is also built for easy installation, making it versatile and easy to manage. This reliable fire detection workhorse is compliant with the UL 864 Standard, rounding out a list of features which make the SHP-PRO the leader in conventional fire detection and fire protection.

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Protectowire Linear Heat Detector
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector, the main component of our linear heat detection systems, is a proprietary cable that detects heat conditions anywhere along its length. Available in a range of alarm temperatures and jacket models to suite a vast array of fire detection applications.

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Protectowire FireSystems Control Panels & Graphic Annunciators
A full line of fire alarm control panels compatible with our linear heat detector and other initiating devices. Graphic Annunciators for use with out full control panel line.

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Airsense Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detectors
Stratos is recognized as the most sensitive laser-based aspirating system available. Providing reliable, very early warning of incipient fire through ClassiFireŽ, a patented system of Perceptive Artificial Intelligence (PAI) which continually adjusts the detector sensitivity to maintain a consistent level of performance.

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