Ask yourself a question. Is your facility adequately protected from fire, smoke, and water damage? Are your employees and property adequately protected from vandalism, intrusion, or assault? Is your communication infrastructure allowing the new data equipment you just made a significant investment in to operate at its peak? Can you monitor and track the vital functions within you facility? Maybe you are not sure. In today’s business world uptime and performance is everything. Critical data must be allowed to flow uninterrupted. Phone lines must be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Product must be able to be manufactured and shipped to meet your customer’s orders.

If these processes are interrupted because of a fire, a leaky sprinkler pipe, data interruption, or even a breach in security it could cost your company millions in lost revenue. That is not to mention your credibility with the business community.

Nexus Alarm and Suppression can provide you with low voltage protection and communication systems that seamlessly integrate with your facility needs. Our smoke detection systems react quickly to notify you of a potential fire situation. Our suppression systems quickly snuff out fires in their incipient stage and our protection systems alert you to the slightest change in a protected area. These systems integrate with your sprinkler system to ensure that water does not ruin millions of dollars in computers, inventory, and processes.

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